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Men Coats Fashion Trend For Fall Winter 2013-2014

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Most of men’s clothing collections are full fill with the image of coats which are seen as the hottest trend in the upcoming season fall-winter 2013-2014. Almost every model is designed in different performance or style, but they combine together to make the practical and significant collections.
Men Coats Fashion Trend For Fall Winter 2013-2014
There are different styles in the collections such as duffle coat, trench or pardessus coat, raglan, and redingote. However, they are distinguished with others by theirs length, for instance short coats or the length to the knee that does not exclude long. The style of retro, actual military and classic are the mainstream of the collection.
Fall Winter 2013-2014 Men Coats Fashion Trend
It is suitable and reasonable to wear the coat at the beginning of fall winter 2013-2014 because the collections are various in models. For example, light models and several of them are worn with a relevant jacket or vest.
Men Coats Fall Winter 2013-2014 Fashion Trend
We can look at the picture as below and guess the next most popular style in men’s clothing lines fall-winter 2013-1014 are kimonos and bathrobes. For the styles of fall, the designers use fabrics with shiny prints, but the down coats are perfectly used for winter.
Fall Winter 2013-2014 Coats Fashion Trend For Men
Another element that makes a special thing of the collections is cape. Some capes like warm ones are in fashion, but many people said that they are not so relevant and practical. Beside, some light capes in style of classic are incredibly trendy and elegant.
Fall 2013 Men Coats Fashion Trend
Beside these coats are mentioned above, we also should pay attention to pea jackets. They are not in vogue anymore, but other versions of this type of coat are still in many collections.
Winter 2014 Men Coats Fashion Trend
One more thing should be noted that is materials. The wide range of materials includes texture, velvet, shiny fabrics or fabrics with a nap, suede, and skin. Also, men’s down coat are still looking fashionable.
Fall Winter 2013-2014 Men Fashion Trend
Fur is also widely used in the collections because of its popularity. The designers decorated the models with fur in collar or some large parts, and even cover the coats with fur only.
Men Coats Fashion Trend For Fall Winter 2013-2014
The color scheme includes: khaki, red, black, burgundy and emerald colors, shades of cobalt blue, mustard, beige, gray and brown. The combination of contrastive color and color block make the coat more interesting. In addition, tiny geometric pattern, stripes, and large check are mainly used in men’s coats.

The various styles and performance in each model make the success of men’s coat for fall-winter 2013-2014. Even though the designers just use the popular materials or colors, but most of coats can fit different men shape. They will look more confident and gentle in these coats.

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