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Reserved Fall Winter 2013-2014 Collection

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The latest collection for fall-winter 2013-2014 of Reserved is highly appreciated because it is carefully designed. A number of current trends are combined even in single urban style. Designers of Reserved created the collection of models with shining character that can satisfy the fan of popular brand.
Reserved Fall Winter 2013-2014 CollectionFor Women

Current trends in some designs

The women’s clothing line of Reserved collection(Wild Life) is designed in different materials as well as colors such as leather, dark, suede, knitted fabric, denim, fur, chiffon, animal prints, black, white, brown, and elegant black colors. One of the most outstanding features of this line is the practical styles, for instance, pencil skirt and romantic retro dress or short fur coats of loose silhouette.
Reserved Women Fall Winter 2013-2014 Collection

Colors, materials and styles of women’s clothing line

In contrast, who want to show their confidence, reliance or shine, they should choose Premium Soldier line in women’s clothing line because designed want to emphasized their personality. Some colors like gray, black, gold, silver and deep burgundy are absolutely match with elements of military design or style in retro of 90s.
Reserved Sweater Fall Winter 2013-2014 Collection

Designs in Premium Soldier line

In addition to Premium Solider line, the Grunge line of Reserved women’s clothing is also impressive and charming. Women can create their own trendy appearance by mix of knitwear, colorful accessories, traditional checked shirt and pants, contrasting stripes or sweater with the print in the shape of the heart.
Reserved Jeans Fall Winter 2013-2014 Collection

Jeans, fashion knit pants and other designs

It is worth mentioning the designs of Reserved fall-winter 2013-2014 collection for men. Any design in this line can suit every taste. It includes fashion knit pants, jeans of traditional and saturated colors, quilted vests and jackets, and a series of pullovers with some original ones insert from quilted material.
Reserved Men Fall Winter 2013-2014 Collection

University and street style in Projection line

The men’s line called Projection of Reserved is no less important. It contains the style of university and street with some special sporty design, bright neon colors and inscriptions. Jeans with a coating, sweatshirts and shirts in a bright check look fashionable and manly.
Reserved Coats Fall Winter 2013-2014 Collection

Classic masculine style of the city

Images of classic masculine style of the city are showed in Elegant Darks line. You yourself can find out the hints of gloss of the urban dandy and popular retro in some designs of this line. It is also necessary to mention tweed coasts and classic trench-coats of this line.

Both men and women are satisfied with the Reserved collection fall-winter 2013-2014. This collection brings to its fans several practical, trendy and stylish designs.

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